Poon Vibrations

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What color would a “horny and eager teen” aura be? Quinn Wilde is wild for cock, but the universe just doesn’t seem to be supplying her any! In a desperate plea to the energies which diffuse and bind us all together, she pleads for a proper manifestation of dick to fill her to orgasmic Zen. She sucks and fucks her idol, a bright pink dildo, hoping to send out the right vibrations to beckon a worthy subject. Her hippy-loving holes are just waiting for the right newcomer, should fate deem it so… Perhaps awed by her tribute, the universe sends her something to put her tiny idol to shame! Now, let’s see if Quinn can take a huge cock as easy as she summons one…

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Naughty Rich Girls

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Daddy’s little rich girl Quinn Wilde wakes up in the morning with her clit buzzin’ for a rubbin’, but when she tries to rub-a-dub-dub, she’s met with a clattering outside of her room, which turns out to be the aquarium repairman hired by her dad and going to work. Frustrated, queen Quinn orders the peasant to phone papa immediately and tell him his daughter requests at least an hour to herself. Unfortunately for her, daddy doesn’t suffer fools gladly, whether they’re masturbating or telling him that his daughter’s trying to masturbate. So, the work must go on, that is, until Quinn yells for an emergency and the aquatic mechanic comes running… into her tits. Naked Quinn pounces on the poor bastard and orders his big dick into her mouth and pussy at once!

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My Friend's Hot Girl

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Tomato, potato! Quinn Wilde gets busted by her boyfriend’s pal J while she’s sucking some other dude’s cock in a car! He calls her out and tells her that he’s calling her man and ratting her out, but Quinn reminds him that they kissed a while back while in a different state of mind at a party. Not the same thing, says J! But Quinn makes it worth his while not to call his friend by offering to suck his big dick. No way J can pass that up from his friend’s hot girl, especially when it comes with a nice hard fuck and blasting his load in her mouth!

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IG Model Has Intense Sex

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After her IG got really popular, Quinn Wilde has decided she needs proper representation. She met the perfect guy for the job. They got acquainted at an agency party, and she has been enjoying some serious sexual tension between them. Now he’s planning to move away, and Quinn has to act fast if she wants to live out all the fantasies she’s been having about him. After being invited to his house to celebrate, things escalate pretty fast, and after a dip in the pool, they are making the best of their time together…

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Cumming To The Cookout

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The gorgeous Quinn Wilde has been looking forward to meeting her new stepbrother, Kyle Mason. Only, Kyle thinks that this step-family BBQ is a waste of his time as he’d rather be studying for his college exams. Horny Quinn is hoping that Kyle will stick around, because for this cock-craving slut, a hotdog just won’t do! Ms. Wilde’s pussy is dripping wet, waiting for a thick dick to go deep inside of her! While Kyle watches Quinn seductively tease him with her succulent dick sucking lips, he’s worried that she’ll get them caught! Kyle’s eager to dive between his stepsister’s big tits, however, her dad’s standing right behind them! With Kyle’s oblivious stepfather manning the grill, Quinn shows off her deep-throating skills to her new stepbrother! But will this newly formed family’s barbeque ever be the same? Or will Kyle and Quinn be able to sneakily fuck without getting caught with their pants down? Either way, you know what the cute, slutty Quinn will be asking her next stepbrother, will he be cumming to the cookout?

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